With an SMSF, your financial future is in your hands.

Getting the right advice for your self-managed super fund

Self-managed super isn’t for everyone. Administration overheads aside, there are many investment choices and strategies to consider. This all amounts to time and effort you need to spend setting a plan for your retirement investment. Self-managed super doesn’t mean you have do do it alone. Getting good SMSF investment advice along the way is a good idea.

Some broad SMSF investment approaches include:

  • Capital growth - when you're wanting to increase the value of your investment and willing to take some risk to do so over the long term.
  • Income generation - investments that earn a regular income like dividends on shares or interest.
  • Capital preservation - .protecting your super from market volatility by sticking with low risk investments.

Setting the right plan for your personal situation and conducting regular reviews also forms part of any plan. 

We are here to provide expert SMSF advice​

Saige have a team of SMSF experts who can help you structure your SMSF investments appropriately according to your personal situation and preferences.

Our accounting and taxation team can also help setup your SMSF and conduct audits and prepare annual tax returns.

SMSF experts you can turn to​

Getting quality SMSF advice is a good idea no matter your investment experience. Talk to us to share your SMSF approach to see if you are on the right track for retirement.