Individual tax returns

Tax returns can get complicated, quickly.

Leaving your tax return with an expert

For many Australian’s on a PAYG arrangement, tax returns are relatively straightforward. However, it only takes a few things that can quickly make your tax return more complicated and something you might need assistance with.

Some reasons you may wish to get professional tax help for your individual tax return:

  • Additional income is received from property sales, rent, dividends, a side job or a family inheritance
  • Ensuring all deductions are captured, particularly if legislation changes or you get a new job
  • You have missed the ATO lodgement deadline and need to pay tax.
  • Simply save your time and risk of making an error, knowing your accounting fee is tax deductible.

Individual tax returns done right​

Saige are experts at tax. We can remove the hassle and concern over completing your annual tax return. 

We can also work with you throughout the year as part of an overall financial plan to ensure your tax exposure is minimised. 

Put your trust in a leading accounting firm

No tax return is too simple or complex for us to take on. Talk to us about taking the hassle out of lodging your individual tax return.