All investments have an element of risk. The right advice is the key to success.

Getting to know your investment options

Investment decisions should take into account the appetite for risk and personal cashflow needs along with a range of other factors. Whether it be shares, managed funds or bonds we work with you to devise a suitable investment plan.

Common investments often include:

  • Term Deposits - can be a safe and reliable way to grow wealth over a pre-determined period of time, as they are designed to guarantee a set interest earning on your initial deposit. With a term deposit, the interest rate you receive is locked in at the time the deposit is made. Your money is not available until the term deposit period ends.
  • Shares - can be a sound long-term investment but can be risky in the short-term. Diversification across a number of industries is important to reduce your risk along with the tax considerations for company dividends issued.
  • Managed Funds - in a managed fund your money is pooled together with other investors and an investment manager will buy and sell assets (like shares) on your behalf with the intention to grow the value of the fund for all investors.

Providing quality personal advice

Our financial planning service provides expert advice on investments and implement the necessary strategies saving you time and effort to do this yourself.

Investments should always be considered as part of an overall financial plan considering your personal circumstances.

Financial advice based on reliable data

If you are considering making any investment decision it is important to get quality, personal advice. Talk to us about your investment plans and we can provide you with advice tailored to your personal circumstances.

Stay up to date and in the know

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