Estate Planning

More than half of all Australian's don't have a legally binding will.

The importance of a clear plan for your estate

Preparing for death or incapacity is a sensitive topic which means many put it off until it’s too late. Good estate planning ensures that, should the worst happen, your intentions are clearly documented so that your loved ones and the law are clear on what your intended wishes are for yourself and those most important to you. 

Things that might be included as part of an estate plan are:  

  • Wills - a well documented, legally enforceable will ensures that when you die you have control over what happens with your assets, children (if you have any) and funeral arrangements. It is important a will is also reviewed regularly.
  • Enduring powers of attorney - this is someone you trust and will rely upon to make legal and financial decisions for you while you’re alive, if you’re ever unable to make these for yourself.
  • Appointing an executor - an executor manages and distributes your estate with the assistance of a solicitor, according to the terms you have set out in your will.

Help with your estate planning needs​

Saige includes estate planning as part of its comprehensive financial planning process to ensure that your wishes are clearly documented, are legally sound and that your family minimise tax on any inheritance.

Estate Planning aligned to your wishes​

Whether your estate planning is simple or complex, talk to us about making sure your wishes are met when you are unable to do this yourself.