A Self-Managed Super Fund doesn't mean you have to do it all by yourself.

A Self-Managed Super Fund is not something to take on lightly. Apart from setting the right investment strategies, there are some key regulatory factors to consider including:

  • SMSF Setup - Your SMSF needs to be set up correctly so that it's eligible for tax concessions, can receive contributions and be easy to administer. Doing this for the first time involves things like choosing the type of SMSF, appointing trustees, registering your fund and creating an exit strategy.
  • SMSF Audit - Every SMSF needs to be audited prior to the submission of the annual tax return. Having a registered auditor appointed is crucial to avoid delays and penalties. The auditor examines the financial statements and assesses compliance with superannuation laws.
  • SMSF Tax Return - Once the annual audit of your SMSF is completed, the annual return can be submitted to the ATO.

We can help with your SMSF setup and administration​

Saige have a team of SMSF specialist. We can setup your SMSF appropriately, complete necessary audits and, as registered tax agents, we can submit your SMSF tax return on your behalf to the ATO.

Additionally, we can provide SMSF investment advice so that the additional effort you put into SMSF management pays dividends.

SMSF admin guaranteed​

For help with any aspect of your self-managed super. Speak to us for impartial advice and administrative expertise. This will help comply with SMSF regulation and help your retirement nest egg to grow.