It's better to be in a position to welcome an audit rather than resist it.

Audits, a natural part of business

Audits can naturally raise the blood pressure of business owners. On most occasions, audits seek to clarify things or comply with regulation and are a normal course of doing business. 

Common business audits include:

  • ATO Audits - The Australian Taxation Office may request more details about your business after reviewing your tax return
  • Compliance with Workers Compensation Insurance - Audits are often required regarding workers compensation insurance to ensure that the premiums employers pays accurately reflect the risks.
  • Solicitor Trust Accounts - The NSW Law society requires these accounts to be independently audited
  • Not-For-Profit Organisations - An often annual audit needs to be submitted to the Department of Fair Trading
  • Business Valuations - Whether it be a valuation of your business or a valuation of a business you are looking to buy, auditing the financial records ensures everything has been reported correctly to justify the valuation
  • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) - Annual SMSF audits are required prior to the submission of the SMSF tax return

We are on hand to conduct financial audits

Saige are authorised to audit your taxation records, SMSF, solicitor trust accounts and we also regularly provide audits to support business valuations. Saige is a leading and ethical accounting practice. If you have had trouble with being audited in the past our comprehensive accounting service will make sure your books are in order.

Conduct your audit with a reputable firm

We have the expertise, experience and authority to conduct a full range of business audits. Speak to us to get on top of your audit quickly so you can confidently return to business.