Buying a business

When buying a business it pays to do your due diligence.​

Getting advice on the right price

Buying an established business provides some confidence it will succeed. But how much to pay, what warning signs to look for and how do you make a successful transition? 

Some key things to look for when buying a business include:

  • Business valuation - Paying the right price for a business is obviously important. A businesses value can be obtained relatively quickly by looking for the right figures.
  • Business audit - Buying a business requires you to do proper due diligence, even if it is someone you know or you work within the business yourself. Having an independent third party do an audit of the financial reports will ensure you know what you are buying into.
  • Business transfer - Negotiating the price and ensuring the contract includes everything you are expecting from your purchase needs to be clear.

Helping you with your business purchase​

Saige can help with the purchase of a business. We are experts in business audits and business valuations so you are confident with the purchase price you pay. 

We can also help manage your new business’ accounting practices, any payroll required and lodge tax submissions with the ATO.

Business valuations you can rely on​

Buying a new business is an exciting time and also a time it pays to get good advice. Talk to us your potential business purchase and how we can help you get the right price.