Business Valuation

How much is your business (or the one you want to buy) actually worth?

Finding a reliable basis for business valuation

Putting a value on a business you own or one you’re looking to buy can be a challenge. There are a number of approaches to take to arrive at a figure to begin negotiations. The ultimate value of a business of course, is how much someone is willing to pay for it.

Some things to be considered for a business valuation include:

  • Urgency of sale - if the owner is looking for an urgent sale due to a personal situation the price is likely more negotiable.
  • Calculation of assets - some businesses have physical assets like property and machinery. Others may have few physical assets but have a strong brand, reputation or hold substantial Intellectual property.
  • Years in business - A business that has shown consistent profits over many years with repeat business may be more valuable than one in business only one or two years.
  • Industry - some industries by their nature have growth and decline cycles to consider

Sharing our experience in business valuation​

Saige provides business valuations by looking at key financial data to determine past and potential future performance. We deal with businesses across all industries and are in touch with local and national trends.

When it gets closer to the sale we can provide a full business audit to make sure the financial records of the business you are wanting to buy are reliable.

We know local business​

When it comes to business on the Central Coast we know the financial and non-financial factors to consider in a business valuation. Talk to us about business valuations you need either as a buyer or seller.