Management accounting

Proactive accounting to identify and troubleshoot problems with your business.

Getting next-level advice for business decision making

Management accounting may be perceived as only applying to big business, although it is useful in a business of any size. It is best described as providing financial information on a business that helps decision making. This could be when to launch a new product, change prices or when to hire new staff or buy a new premises.

A comparison of common accounting activities are: 

  • Bookkeeping - Manages the general ledger and ensure all debits and credits are allocated correctly.
  • Financial reporting – Standard reporting such as profit and loss statement or balance sheet looking at past performance.
  • Management accounting - proactive forecasts of possible scenarios to help with business decision making.

Management accounting when you need it​

Management accounting is a specific skill and requires a proactive accountant to source the necessary information to create an accurate picture of potential scenarios.

Saige has experienced management accountants to help analyse and dissect your business when necessary to make informed decisions for the future of your business.

Business advice based on reliable data​

Make well-informed decisions for your next business venture. Talk to us about our management accounting services to forecast your future business plans.