Financial Reporting

Tracking key performance indicators keeps business on track.

Keeping on top of business performance​

Seeing a regular financial reports provides confidence and peace of mind that your business is on track. The most common financial reports you should obtain regularly are:

  • Profit and Loss statement - lists your sales and expenses to help tell you how much real profit you're making or losing. This could help set sales targets or setting the right price for your products.
  • Balance sheet - provides a snapshot of your business and is a good summary of your business’ financial health. It will help you understand how much money is needed to fund day-to-day operations and how quickly you can pay off debts.
  • Statement of cash flows - shows how well the business generates cash to fulfil its debt obligations. This report is usually provided to outside parties and is a good measure of your business' financial footing.

Regular reporting interpreted for your business

Saige can help you with accurate and reliable financial reporting in addition to bookkeeping and help analyse reports with you to pinpoint areas of concern and opportunities for improvements.

If you want further bespoke reporting or have Saige perform our own custom reporting, our management accounting services can also help.

Reliable reports you can trust

Reliable data presented in a meaningful way is vital for making business decisions. Talk to us on how financial reporting can help your business.